Poems by Lady 98 Years!

Her name is Alora M. Knight. There is wonderful content in her Poems, such wonderful Wisdom from her Creator.

I will refer to her as a Modern Day Patriarch - All of us have something we can learn from her, I'm sure.

She has a wonderful way with words and is blessed for her years!

To My Treasured Friend

Though there is gold up in the mountains,

Lovely pearls deep in the sea,

Those treasures do not mean as much

As your friendship means to me.

While diamonds may be beautiful,

And worth a lot of money,

They cannot give a warm embrace

Or share jokes we think are funny.

I know it's true some people

Will collect much priceless art,

Yet I have never seen a picture

That showed me a loving heart.

So I don't need to spend a fortune

To have what means the most to me.

Knowing that I have had your friendship

Will be a treasured memory.

Alora M. Knight © 2015

Happy Birthday, Daughter

Many are the joys in life.

I'm blessed with quite a few.

Still, most of all I'm grateful

To have a daughter just like you.

I remember well when you were born,

The joy that filled my heart.

When I first held you in my arms,

I loved you from the start.

It was always such a pleasure

To see your precious life unfold.

Learning new things every day

Brought happiness untold.

Though no one knows the future,

What each one has in store,

I know whatever happens

I couldn't love you more.

So on this special day of yours,

Know the love that's there for you.

Not just today, but every day,

Will last a lifetime through.

Alora M. Knight © 2019

Seeds Of Wisdom

A gardener, if he's very wise,

When it is planting season,

Will always use the best of seeds.

It only stands to reason.

Because he knows when harvest comes

He'll reap what he has sown.

If he's been careful, he'll be proud

Of all that he has grown.

It makes me realize that words

Are very much like seeds.

People use all kinds of them

That seem to fit their needs.

But, unlike seeds, the words we speak

Don't stay down in the ground.

More likely in a fertile mind

Is where they will be abound.

Where they are nourished by the thoughts

Of those who seek to find

A way they can express themselves.

The way of all mankind.

Especially fertile is the mind

Of every little one,

So we should be so careful

Before much harm is done.

A child will mimic what he hears

And not give it a thought.

He doesn't even realize

Just what he has been taught.

Still, when he's grown, his attitude,

And what he will believe

Will come from words that he has heard

And what his mind received.

Alora M. Knight © 2019

Keeping A Cheerful Attitude In Public

We are all a part of the scenery, you know,

No matter where you may live.

There's someone who will feel your presence,

Absorb the attitude that you might give.

You'll never know when you've influenced

How someone else will feel.

It my not have been your purpose,

Still, the effect can be quite real.

A cheerful word might be what's needed

To brighten up another's day.

It may be a total stranger

Who chanced to pass along your way.

How often have your spirits plunged

When a sour response was given?

It's time for each and everyone

In this world in which we live in,

To be aware, to do our part

To make this world a better place.

So when you leave your house each day,

Please keep a smile upon your face.

It can even make a difference

How nicely you are dressed.

You'll be a bright spot on the scene

If you will look your best.

Alora M. Knight © 2019