Janets Poems

Inspirational and Nature 

You may know me from Inspirations For You - My first Poetic Website

with 60-80 pages of poems, beautiful pictures, quotes and sayings.

I commenced in 2012. I've been busy making multiple websites since

then but still write Poems occasionally. The ones I wrote in 2012-2014

are very similar to Helen Steiner Rice's poems. I will place some

here in the pages of this Menu for you along with Poems from

other authors. I always like to select nice poems that are happy

or peaceful, beautiful or meaningful.


More Coming Soon!

For now, I have placed three recent poems in this Menu

with several verses each I wrote in August in 2018

  and May this year 2019.

My web hosts and friends love them!

They Are:

God's Little Creatures

To Brighten Our Thoughts

Choose Life Over Sedentary